Chef Ed Harris Vegan Food Consulting

If you would like to ask questions and get answers about starting a culinary business like being a Private Chef, Pop Up Chef, Consulting Chef, Culinary Website, creating pricing or just need assistance with creating recipes etc? Chef Ed Harris can help. 


Restaurant Operations Assessment 

Chef Life Consulting often equates an operations assessment to “taking a look under the hood,” examining every part of your restaurant in an effort to identify what’s working and what’s not. By performing a detailed assessment of your concept, we can discover potential efficiencies, cost savings and improvements in the back of the house, the front of house and management procedures.

Menu & Recipe Development 

Our work covers cuisines, from caribbean to South East Asian, and can accommodate the most complex dietary restrictions.

Chef first begins with high quality ingredients, featuring imported or local. Working closely with the entrepreneur or operator, we then enter the research & development stage, working in the kitchen with the appropriate materials to create menu selections that deliver the “wow factor” in flavor and is visually appealing while considering targeted food cost, profit contribution and the potential for consistent execution.

Restaurant Labor

One of the greatest challenges a restaurant operator can face is efficient labor management. As minimum wages go up and health care expenses rise, it is more important than ever to implement high-performance systems and technologies that keep labor costs manageable and profits high.