Executive Chef and Founder of Chef Life Consulting

Chef's Experience

Ed Harris was the winner of the Food Network’s CHOPPED “Turbot Powered” Season Four & Iron Chef International. He also appeared as a chef on 24-Hour Restaurant Battle and his team won. His education from the Art Institute of New York City and past experiences allow him to specialize in a variety of cuisine styles. New York City Chef, Ed Harris’ unending passion for cuisine began in the kitchen many years ago. Over the past decade, he has been heavily involved in several aspects of the food industry. From private events and various celebrity gatherings, to consulting on menu items and restaurant concepts, Harris’ knowledge of the culinary world comes from an array of experiences. He’s taken skills from positions as an Executive Chef, Tournant, Executive Sous Chef, Dim Sum Chef, Expediter, and Saucier, and applied them to his current role as a Consultant Chef. It is that eclectic background that allows him to play an active role in the planning, supervision and creative aspects involved in the food industry. Now Chef Ed spends his days creating vegan recipes, vegan products for sale and helping people understand and love how easy it is to create healthy, tasty vegan dishes.

Our Approach

Regardless of your food service requirements, Chef Life Consulting has the requisite skills and experience to turn concepts into commercially viable food products. Our consulting service encompasses beautifully designed events & Pop Up Experiences, private in-home dining, flavor development, menu design, training & recipe development just to name a few. 

Why Us?

Over 2 decades of experience has taught us what’s right, what works and what doesn’t work. That’s why we’re in business; because we know how to make restaurants work. Let us help you determine what services you need – it’s the first step to a more successful future. At Chef Life Consulting (CLC), we demand integrity, honesty & professionalism from all involved.